Kargas Family

We Fly Over 40,000 Bee – Milles To Make You One Jar Of Honey

The family business «KARGAS» has been involved for decades with the production and sale of high quality honey from the beautiful island of Lefkada.
With love we collect bee products in the most traditional way so our honey is pure, nutrient rich and velvety in taste.

To ensure stable quality and perfect taste we transport our bee hives to very selected locations.
We do not add any components during the harvesting of our honey for the purpose of increasing the quantity harvested.

We are certain of the excellent quality of our products and our aim is to insure customer satisfaction.
Word of mouth is our best advertising.

All products here are 100% natural, hand-manufactured , raw and organic direct from our own bee hives.

It is our ultimate happiness to know that these organic, natural products that we have produced with love and respect now benefit and serve the needs of people like you.

It would be our pleasure to respond to any queries you may have regarding our products or in relation to placing an order.

Thank you for visiting the Lefkada’s Honey Shop!

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